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Collagen Beauty Fiber
Digital Tie Dye
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The fabric is woven by Collagen fiber which
maintaining the higher skin's moisture
so the skin is moise and beautiful
The special Silk fabric is printed by Ink Jet
Printer having precise printing,clear, beautiful
good washing fastness, suitable for small quantity
Silk scarf can be folded and tied in many ways then
dip dye, dyeing with many technic and processes, 
getting new patterns and designs.
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Yarn Dye Batik  Fabric Dye
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Is the technique that dyeing the silk yarn
and special with non toxic dyestuff
good washing fastness.
The technique that make the pattern on
the fabric by hand writing.
There are two ways
Adding color to the fabric by fabric dyeing with 
advanced process to get the right color.
We use the non toxic dyestuff, high washing fastness
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Hand Painting
 Silk Quilt
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The painting technic on fabric by hand.The colors are
penetrated, mixed, to be the new colors,get dark and
light color effect.

 We use the good quality material for Silk Quilt  
production to get good touch with soft, warm and
comfortably light (Size 150x220 Cm).



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